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Presenting to you our latest edition, currently our most advanced cycling shorts!

With feedback from our customers and fellow cyclists, we have brought in our core series cycling shorts. Some of you feedback to us that you wanted more support and also more comfort in your long distance rides. So we took our time to carefully engineer and curate these tights just for you! 

So how do we do it?

Most of you already love our Premium and Premium Pro Shorts. So we carefully upgraded our fabric to mix a superior blend of polyester, nylon and cotton so that it has an advanced perspiration wicking technology and soft feel fabric to provide you with the most comfortable fabric you can wear while cycling! 

Besides that, we noted that butt support is important too. Not too soft, not too spongy, not too hard and also not too thin. So we designed a padding that uses a few special mix of high density foam, we call it the BaboonButt pads!

Lastly, we changed up the powerbands a bit to give you a more comfortable fit. It is not too sticky but it still sticks so as the shorts do not ride up your thighs.

We have tried and tested these tights. Trials have begun since early this year and our customers are looooving it! Some say it is by far the best tights they have ever worn!

We will continue to not compromise on giving the absolute value and bang for your buck. Therefore, we have created this just for you guys. For the Weekend Warriors, the RTIs, those that wants to get active and be healthier, those that wants to lose weight, those that wants to clock in the distance, those that just started cycling. We are here to help!

and bizkut Core Series Cycling Shorts will not disappoint!


✅ High-Density BaboonButt Chamois/Padding (For maximum support and cushioning)

✅ Not-So-Sticky-But-Still-Sticks Powerbands (For a comfortable Grip!)

✅ Flatlock Stitching (For Maximum Durability.)

✅ Material: Premium Cotton Lycra. (For an advanced perspiration wicking properties)

✅Ergonomic Form Fit (For Maximum Comfort in riding position)



S = 27-28
M = 29-30
L = 31-32
XL = 33-34
2XL = 35-36
3XL = 37-38
4XL = 39-40
5XL = 41-42 (Preorder only. PM US!)
6XL = 43-44 (Preorder only. PM US!)
7XL = 45-46 (Preorder only. PM US!)

Please refer to the pictures above for more details about the size. For me, I am a size 32. Usually, I would take an M size for my other pants. But for these shorts, size L would fit me better. Asian sizing!

Also for sizes, it depends on personal preferences. Some people like it tight some people like it slightly looser. Depends on you. But fear not! Exchanges can be made. (provided stocks are still here! And you don't already wear them for your rides lah! haha)

For self-collection, I will also show you some sizes for you to compare so you don't have to worry so much about sizing.

Satisfaction Guaranteed! (Don't take my word for it. You may take a look at our reviews!)

Say good bye to ache-y and sore bums!

 *No baboons were harmed.