About Us

I have been selling these local brand tights for over 10 years. And the reason I sell these tights is to address the issue that it is very expensive to get good quality cycling tights in Singapore.

And as a cyclist myself, I do feel bum pain after cycling for long hours. Plus, I think that quality cycling tights are unnecessarily expensive!

Hence, with my background in product sourcing/manufacturing, I feel it is my responsibility to source out quality cycling tights for my fellow cyclist friends so everyone can enjoy great rides at a good and affordable price! Best value for money!

Throughout the years, I invested a lot of time, effort and money tailoring and customising these cycling pants to find quality ones just for cyclists like me and you.

I sourced out materials from Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, and China. These pants went through so many R&D processes to be what it is today!

Now, those who have tried, recommend it!! Very durable pants. I have lots of customers returning only after a few years to get new pairs. And I mean 3-4 years later. Some returned after only 1 year but that's because they've bulked up! 😂

After all these years, honestly, I still find these the best value for money tights around! Great for casual rides/beginners. Some of my past pro customers went 50km or more in these and they love it! You can check out my reviews!