bizkut Active Compression Shorts (Non-padded)

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Introducing to you our new Active Tights! These are non-padded shorts that you can wear for leisure cycling or active sports like football, running, hiking, gym training, or yoga sessions!

These are made using the most durable yet breathable Premium Lycra fabric similar to our Premium Pro cycling shorts. It uses secure flatlock stitching with multiple panels to ensure perfect form fit and longevity.

Why choose bizkut's Active Tights?

Firstly, many of you have asked for a non-padded version of our popular cycling shorts so you can use them for other sports too!

Secondly, we want to help you exercise better. We have carefully curated these tights so that you can optimize your workout. Our bizkut Active Tights have been receiving rave reviews! All who have tried, have said it is not just comfortable to wear, but most importantly, it allows them to improve their workout performance and endurance.

Here are the key features:

  • It improves blood circulation which furthermore increases oxygen supply to reduce muscle fatigue.
  • It provides you with muscle support and stability to ensure muscle efficiency.
  • It will reduce your recovery time as it reduces muscle soreness.
  • It also protects you from harmful UV rays.
  • It is quick drying so you can wash and use it again the next day!


✅ Italian Power Grippers (For Extreme Comfortable Grip!)

✅ Flatlock Stitching (For Maximum Durability)

✅ Material: Nylon/Spandex (Premium Lycra, Stretchable, Breathable Material. Not the cheap thin baselayer Lycra)

Available in shorts, 3/4, and full-length!

Definitely your go-to tights for all your sporting needs! Grab them while stocks last!