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With our Kids Cycling Tights, your young ones can now pedal freely with ease and comfort without chafing and butt ache to stop them from going the extra mile!

▪️ Snug Fit: These tights fit like a glove (note: opportunity to link glove listing url here, if possible), letting kids pedal freely and comfortably without any fuss

▪️ Cool Fabric: Lightweight, moisture-wicking material keeps young riders cool and dry

▪️ Tough Build: Reinforced stitching and high-quality fabric make these tights durable for all their wild adventures and all your daily washes

▪️ Sun Shield: Built-in UV protection keeps those harmful rays at bay.

▪️ Soft & Dense Chamois Pad: A comfy seat padding means no more sore bums on long rides!

▪️ Sizing Details: Comes in Kids sizes S-2XL