Core Series Bib Shorts

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Designed for endurance riding with features that provide maximum comfort, performance, and durability.

Seamless Construction:
Reduces pressure points and enhance overall comfort during extended periods of riding.

Multi-density Chamois Pad:
Elastic Interface Paris HP Pad. Provides superior comfort and reduced chafing during long hours on the saddle.

Laser-cut Grippers:
Ensures a secure fit without causing discomfort or irritation.

High-quality Moisture-wicking Fabric:
Keeps you dry and comfortable by efficiently managing sweat and moisture.

Enhanced Breathability:
Allows for proper ventilation to keep you cool even during intense rides.

UV Protection:
Shield your skin from harmful rays during long hours under the sun.

Compression Fit:
Supports your muscles and reduce fatigue during long rides, which enhances endurance and recovery.