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Are your little adventurers ready to hit the trails and explore the great outdoors? Keep their hands protected and comfortable with our Children's Cycling Gloves, specially designed for young riders. These gloves are packed with features to ensure a safe, enjoyable, and hassle-free cycling experience.

Key Features:
  1. Easy Pull-Out Tab: Our gloves come with a convenient pull-out tab, making it a breeze for kids to put on and take off their gloves. No more struggling or asking for help – they can do it themselves!
  2. Sweat Pad on Thumb: Kids tend to work up a sweat during their cycling adventures. These gloves have a built-in sweat pad on the thumb, allowing them to easily wipe away perspiration and stay focused on the ride.
  3. Gel Padding: Riding can sometimes be rough on little hands. Our gloves feature a gel cushion on the palm area, providing extra comfort and protection to reduce the impact on the hands during bumpy rides.
  4. Velcro Closure: The Velcro closure system ensures a secure fit and easy adjustment for a comfortable and snug feel. Kids can fasten and unfasten the gloves effortlessly.
  5. Extra Support on Index Finger and Thumb: We've added extra support on the sides of the index finger and thumb, providing added protection and durability in key areas.
  6. Breathable and Lightweight Fabric: These gloves are made from breathable and lightweight fabric to keep your child's hands cool and comfortable during rides. The fabric allows air circulation while still providing essential protection.
  7. UV Protection Fabric: Our gloves offer UV protection, shielding your child's hands from harmful sun rays, so they can enjoy their outdoor adventures with confidence.
Product Details:
  • Available Sizes: M (Ages 4-7), L (Ages 8-10)
  • Colors: Blue, Red
Don't let your child miss out on the fun of cycling and outdoor adventures. Invest in their safety and comfort with our Children's Cycling Gloves. Order now and give your young explorers the gear they need for endless outdoor excitement!