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“Kindness is infinite.”

Here at bizkut we firmly believe in building communities and inspiring greatness. A core component of both these visions lies in the value of kindness. However, kindness may begin to feel foreign to a lot of people in these trying times. There are days where it may begin to feel like there is a shortage of kindness in the world.

We refute this shortage. We stand for the abundance of kindness. We believe that kindness is infinite. This kindness exists in every one of us.

We want to tap into the inherent kindness we are certain lies in every single individual. Everyone has the capacity to execute kindness, everyone is capable of doing good and everyone is worthy of receiving this kindness. We’d like to remind everyone of that through this collection.

Why choose Kindness?

“Kindness is simple.”

It’s as effortless as it should be. It can be as easy as a smile from a stranger or a sincere “How are you?” from a loved one. Or in our case, a simple glance at a jersey you may see on the street. We choose kindness because it requires minimal effort but can leave such a great impact on the lives of others. The Kindness Collection serves as one of our first few practical steps to fulfilling a long term goal for Bizkut, to build an inclusive community. No matter your race, gender or religion. No matter your age or body size. Our kindness does not discriminate.

The Bizkut team strives to bring out the kindness in our community and amplify it for the masses. We believe in the ripple effect one random act of kindness can bring, we believe in a community that will consistently and continuously decide to pass the kindness forward. We choose kindness because of you, our community. We choose kindness because we choose you.

How did it come about?
This collection began the same way Bizkut did, inspiration from the community. Kindness has always been integral to our business, the concept of continuously and consistently paying it forward. With the kindness and support from our customers since Day 1, we have been able to get to where we are today.

All the stories and conversations our community shared with us when they drop by the store, all the honest and constructive feedback and suggestions we get, all the loyalty and support we have received from the community has played a massive role in building our business to where it is today.

With that, we were inspired to pay it forward and give back to the community. To spread this kindness we had the privilege of receiving from everyone and amplify for more people to experience. We believe this can be done with our new collection revolving around that very message of our core value, kindness.