RTI Gradient Cycling Jersey

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Embark on a cycling journey around the captivating landscapes of Singapore with our latest "Round The Island" collection.

Immerse yourself in the serenity of Lazarus Sunday, a dreamy blend of blues reminiscent of the serene waters surrounding Lazarus Island.

Start your day with the electrifying hues of ECP Sunrise Orange! Imagine the sun painting the sky with a burst of colors as you cycle along East Coast Park. This vibrant shade captures the energy and warmth of a sunrise, ensuring you shine as bright as the morning sun on your ride.

For those seeking a burst of color and vibrancy, our Flower Dome jersey is a true testament to the kaleidoscope of beauty found at Gardens by the Bay. Inspired by the stunning array of flowers and foliage, this jersey showcases shades of the rainbow, reflecting the splendor of Singapore's botanical wonders.

Crafted with premium materials and designed for optimal performance, each jersey in the "Round The Island" Collection promises comfort and durability. This collection is a celebration of the iconic landmarks that make cycling around Singapore a joyous experience!